How To Choose The Right Home Inspection Company

Some Things To Consider When Looking For a Home Inspector in Long Island, Nassau or Suffolk County, NY

For most people, buying a home could be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.  Don’t you want that decision be an informed one?  Here is a list of questions to ask when you are hiring a professional home inspector.

Is home inspection your only profession? 

Make sure it is! Many independent inspectors only work on a part-time basis to supplement their real businesses as contractors, roofers, etc., and their report findings might be suspect. You can find a good home inspector by getting a referral from a satisfied customer. Avoid referrals from anyone who has a financial interest in the sale going through.

Do they carry all the necessary insurance, including professional liability (Errors & Omissions or “E&O”), general liability, and worker’s compensation ?

Make sure they have Errors and Omissions Insurance. “This malpractice-type insurance protects the inspector (and indirectly the home buyer and those referring the inspector) against post-inspection legal problems.” General liability covers personal liability not covered by the basic Errors and Omissions policy; and worker’s compensation covers the safety of the inspector during the inspection.

How long does the inspection take, can I accompany the inspector, what type of equipment do they use and are the updated plus knowledgeable in the inspection business?

A professional home inspection of the average house varies. Be skeptical of home inspectors who don’t want you to tag along. Home inspectors who invite the home buyer along will often offer valuable maintenance tips.

A good home inspector will have the most updated equipment available to him or her like thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters

What type of a report will I receive and when will I receive it?

There are various types of reports given by professional inspectors, including typed narrative (sent to the home buyer within a week) and on the spot written reports for those who need or want the information as soon as possible.

Don’t accept a verbal report without a written backup, since you will have no record of the inspector’s findings for future referral.

Home Inspectors should use a format, which is filled out on the spot and is presented to the client at the time of the inspection plus, they should explain it.

Is the home inspector trained or certified in home inspection by a recognizable organization, such as the National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI), or the American Home Inspectors Institute (AHII), or the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)?

With no official government regulation of the home inspection industry, certification by one of these organizations ensures that the inspector meets strict guidelines set forth by the largest and most reputable home inspection organizations in the country.

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