Having a Home Inspection? Do I Need to Be There?

It’s not just a good idea to be present at your home inspection it should be your first priority on the day of the home inspection.

example of termite damage found during home inspectionWhile there are some situations when you cannot attend – your home inspection is a must attend – it is simply the best way to get the most comprehensive information about the home you are about to purchase and see first-hand any issues that might be a concern to you or your home inspector.

We recommend that all clients of Best Long Island Home Inspection attend their home inspection and accompany their home inspector throughout the duration of the full home inspection. The only areas we ask that you do not accompany the home inspector is on the roof and in the attic – for obvious safety issues. Obviously, these are areas of high potential for injury, and only the inspector should inspect.





Here are some more ways to get the most out of your home inspection:

Make sure you are there. The number one way to get the most out of your home inspection is to make sure you are there and ask a bunch of questions. In addition to inspecting the home your home inspector will teach you about the house you are about to buy so we encourage your questions. We will show you the locations of major systems and components (i.e. important shut-off valves like the gas and water,etc.) It is vital for you to know all the major systems of the home to cover any questions you might have.


Make Sure You Have The Time. Expect your home inspection to take some time, usually between 2 and 3 hours depending on the size of the house. Don’t schedule your home inspection when you have to rush to another appointment or when you are otherwise distracted.


Make Sure The Home Is Accessible. If the property is vacant or a foreclosure this will usually not be a problem. If the house is occupied make sure to meet with your real estate agent and the homeowners to make sure all areas of the home will be accessible to your home inspector on the day of the inspection and ALL utilities will be in the on function.


Limit Family and Friends. There are many reasons why you may want to bring others along for your home inspection—for an extra set of eyes, or to help you ask questions or understand the home inspection information. But limit any guests that might distract you or the home inspector from the home inspection process or tempt you to discuss aesthetic topics that are not relevant during an inspection.

Get all the inspections or testing done at once. Getting the most out of your home inspection may mean getting some additional inspections or tests done at the same time. Consider mold testing, thermal imaging or a termite inspection, and get everything needed to go to closing.












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