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When Looking for a Home Inspector – Check their Certifications


Education and Training

New York is one of the states that requires their inspection experts to satisfy both education and licensure requirements. The educational requirement includes completing 140 hours of training, and of those 140 hours, 40 of them must be no charge home inspections done in the field under the direct supervision of a licensed examiner. After these hours are completed, one must sit for the New York State licensing exam. There are several online prep practice exams where those getting ready to take the exam can test their knowledge. There are a few professional organizations, after that joining you are then eligible to use their practice exams and online training to prepare for the exam.

Licensing and Certification

certified home inspectorsA license allows an inspector only to work in the state where they are licensed. In New York, licenses must be renewed every two years. During this time, there are 24 hours of continuing education (CE) credits that must be completed, as required by the State of New York. If these hours are not completed before license expiration, licensure will lapse until the CE work is completed.

Beyond licensing, there is the Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI) certification. Getting certified requires that someone has been working as a licensed professional and has completed 250 full, fee-paid inspections. Once these field hours are completed, there is a National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) certification exam.

The reasons why an expert would want to seek certification is because it carries a positive amount of credibility. It says you are a serious and seasoned professional. Also, when people are searching for inspectors, those that are certified are at the top of the list. This positioning will naturally mean more business.

After successfully passing the exam, those professionals will have the special CRI certification, the only designation available in this industry. There is a logo that is made available to those with this credential, and that which they can put on business cards and in advertising. Also certified agents gain access to promotional CRI materials, like foil seals, for example, that can be used to dress up a final report given to potential homebuyers, and these seals are only available to NAHI CRI members. It is an exclusive organization for proven professionals in this industry.

If you have been thinking of getting into this field, it is indeed a noble pursuit. Through house inspections, you can save people from getting into properties that are in disrepair, or at least giving them full-and-fair disclosure on exactly what they are getting into. You are also the benefactor of filling clients with joy when you tell them their dream property passed inspection! Overall it is nice to help people out as a mortgage is likely the biggest financial commitment any of us will get involved with in our lifetimes.

It is nice that there are laws, experts, and pre-purchase real estate inspections to help make sure that is a positive experience for home buyers.



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