See Behind the Walls: The Importance of Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal image showing heat loss from improperly insulated window and wallsWe are a Certified home inspection company that is equipped with thermal imaging cameras and are properly trained to find problems that are unseen with the naked eye.   These “invisible” issues often cause major repair bills later.  Better that home buyers know of them before purchasing real estate.

We see through walls to find these types of problems in homes:

– Moisture penetration through the homes exterior covering, whether the home has brick, stucco or vinyl siding this can be a major issue.

– Improperly installed or deteriorated insulation.

– Water leaks and air leaks around windows and doors that could lead to mold or high utility bills.

– Plumbing leaks inside the home, including leaking pipes, improperly installed toilets, leaking shower pans, and bathtubs

–  Uninsulated HVAC ducting that has not been adequately sealed. This will cause condensation dripping in attics and crawlspaces.

– Improperly installed or insufficient insulation in ceilings and walls.

– Leaking roofs, skylights, roof vent piping and roof vents.

With Thermal Imaging Technology, we will help protect you against hidden problems or damage.  Best Long Island Home Inspection can provide our clients with a more thorough home inspection either when buying a home or selling your home. We are also able to save you money by identifying the source of any underlying issues and eliminating any destructive work to find the source. We are also able to determine any areas that could be more energy efficient within your home.

No matter if you’re the seller or the buyer contact Solid City Home Inspections to schedule your home inspection today.

Here are some examples of thermal imaging in use.


 A Plumbing leak in garage ceiling- not visible during the typical inspection process. Plumbing leak indicated by infrared scan (dark blue area).
Interior hallway in a newly constructed home appears to be insulated. Infrared Scan Indicates Missing Insulation.
Air conditioning duct works during a regular visual inspection. Infrared scan indicates that cold air is leaking from ductwork into the attic (dark blue area).
Electrical panel during normal inspection process appears to be functioning properly. Infrared scan of the panel indicates overheated electrical breaker & wire. Faulty electrical panels are fire hazards.
Plumbing leak at shower liner is often not found during the standard visual inspection. Infrared scan indicates that water is leaking from the shower under vinyl flooring.
Insulated windows appear to be functioning properly. Infrared scan shows that heat is escaping through failed thermal seal (noted at lower right side window).




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