Importance of Home Inspections

importance of home inspectionsWhen you hire a licensed home inspector it can provide you with big savings at the closing table.

The first thing you need to be sure of is that you hire a qualified Certified & Licensed- in New York State – home inspector who can identify subtle defects as well as larger defects that are not readily visible to the common real estate buyer. Buyers who try to save money and do their own  search are usually unqualified and even if they have a good knowledge of home construction they are too emotionally involved in the purchase and are usually blinded by the cosmetic issues.

Purchasing the home of your dreams – whether cottage or mansion – usually exhausts all of your available funds as well as everything you can borrow. We are sure you don’t want to wake up to a surprise $3,000 repair bill for a new heating system three months after you move into the house you just purchased – avoid this scenario by having a comprehensive once-over done first!

Being able to identify these defects before you sign the contract to purchase can sometimes help you to get  a reduced selling price, or have the seller repair defects uncovered during the course of the inspection at the sellers expense.  Don’t assume that since the seller is offering the house “as is”, there is not room for price negotiation when you are purchasing a home – there is always opportunity for price reductions until the final contract and closing.

There may be times when the surveyor recommends further investigation on particular components such as the electrical or plumbing. This usually happens when the inspector has a major concern with the current conditions of these household systems.

It is important to follow along with the inspector during the investigation because this is a  first hand opportunity to learn about the property you are buying. He will make sure that you are not blinded by the high emotions that take over during the real estate buying process and show you the important issues of the building you are purchasing.

At  we have our clients needs in mind one hundred percent of the time to make sure they are making the right decision when it comes to purchasing the home of their dreams – apartments and condos too!


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