Guide to Long Island, NY: Restaurants & LIRR

Top Restaurants on Long Island, New York

waterfront restaurant long islandDining in Long Island: A Feast for Every Taste in NY
When thinking of fine dining and culinary culture in New York City, Long Island is not always the place that springs to mind. But there is no need to schlep all the way out to Manhattan or Brooklyn to satisfy your taste buds. From the peak of haute cuisine to the most decadent comfort food, Long Island has more than enough fabulous restaurants to satisfy every craving.

Luxury dining on the Island
Anyone looking for a delightful Italian meal will be overwhelmed with options. Epicures seeking high-end Italian fare will be delighted by Maroni Cuisine: This ambitious project of chef Mario Maroni was described as a “culinary adventure” and lauded with a Zagat rating of 28 out 30. They offer a tasting menu of 20 or more courses that explore the breadth of chef Maroni’s expertise. Those in the market for a more homey ambiance will enjoy 18 Bay, where husband and wife chefs Elizabeth Ronzetti and Adam Kopels serve absolutely killer Italian cuisine out of a vintage Shutter Island house. If a fine cut of beef is more up your alley, the Island has a range of top-notch steakhouses. Diners can try the Blackstone Steakhouse in Melville, Rare650 in Syosset, or for a delightful international variation on the classic surf and turf they can visit Insignia Prime Steak and Sushi. And anyone in the market for upscale American cuisine will not be disappointed: the North Fork Table and Inn in Southold, the Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton, and Prime in Halesite are all sure to please.
Less Extravagant Choices
Diners in search of more moderately priced fare can hardly go wrong with any number of choices. Those with a taste for Italian food will never go hungry: Orto in Miller Place, The Trattoria in Saint James, Vittorio’s Restaurant and Wine Bar in Amityville, and Verace True Italian Islip are all delightful mid-price establishments with impressive Zagat ratings of 25 and higher. In the mood for some sushi? There are many excellent Japanese restaurants to choose from: Kotobuki Restaurant in Babylon, Aji 53 in Bay Shore, Arata Sushi in Syosset, Kumo Sushi in Plainview, Musu in Sea Cliff, and Onsen Sushi in West Sayville are all waiting to satisfy that sashimi craving. Or is French cuisine the order of the day? If so, you can try any of these likely establishments: Silver’s in Southampton, Bistro Cassis in Huntington, Apertif Bistro Wine Bar in Rockville Centre, Brasserie Persil in Oceanside, or Bar Frites in Greenvale. Is Latin fare more to your taste? Well, there are plenty of choices in that genre too. In Huntington, try Fado for Portuguese food or Cafe Buenos Aires for Argentinian fare.

Divey and Delicious: Cheap and Fabulous Eating Options
And anyone looking for good, satisfying, no-frills cooking has more than enough to choose from as well. For delicious American fare, check out Maureen’s Kitchen in Smithtown or The Cook Room in Coram. In the market for a burger or sandwich? Try the All American Hamburger Drive-In in Massapequa or the Roast Sandwich House in West Hills. Or if you’re in the mood for pizza you can hardly go wrong with Ancona Pizzeria and Heroes in Valley Stream. And did you think French food was just for the wealthy? Well, think again! Fresco Creperie and Cafe in Long Beach offers scrumptious French delicacies at affordable prices.

And there’s more where that came from! The Island is home to some of the best culinary choices in NY. Feel free to explore and see for yourself!

Taking the LIRR – Long Island Railroad to Visit Long Island Wine Country

long island railroadPaying a visit to Long Island wine country will take you through some of the most beautiful parts of America. Long Island, NY is one of the finest places to live in this country, and you can take the LIRR – Long Island Railroad to many destinations across the island that will give you a wonderful vacation that will blow your mind.

The Wine Country is a unique place that is not like other wine capitals in the world. Consider the kind of vacation you can have when you get on the train and take your first trip. You will delve deep into the wine country, but you will also see seaside living like you would not believe. Long Island railroad patrons can stay on the train for a long journey around the island, or you can stop at any point on the island to have a look at some of the nicest wineries in the country. You will be able to change the way that you perceive the wine culture when you can take the train to these special places. There are more wines in America than you think, but you have to get to the wine country to see them.

Long Island is mere moments from the largest city in America, New York City, but the wineries exist in a tranquil place that is going to help you get some rest from your every day life. Most people that are trying to make a great vacation have to travel to the island for some rest, but you can rest better when you are drinking some of the best wine in the world. You will be able to enjoy your time on the island more, and you will be able to meet people who take the art of making wine seriously. The people who brought the art over from France and Italy are still there today running family vineyards that make some of the most interesting wines in the world. Your trip to Long Island, NY will give you more than ample chance to see the sites where the wine is made, and you will be able to see sights that are hidden in the places where many New Yorkers never end up traveling.

The wine country and culture in New York is one that is going to change your life if you let it. You have to make sure that you are planning a trip that is going to take you all over the island.  You need to look a little bit closer at the places where people are making food and wine as an art. These arts have stood the test of time, and they are going to make your time on vacation more fun. You can drink the best wine in the every night, and you can taste the best wine every day when you are traveling. The train is going to take you to places that you cannot imagine, and you will be able to enjoy the trip much more because you are spending it in a place that is known for its culture. The island culture for wine is going to make your trip much more fun because it allows you to imbibe freely.



Long Island Schools

General Information

There are 127 public school districts and almost twice as many private options in both Nassau and Suffolk County. There is absolutely no limit to elementary and secondary options in the Long Island area not to mention that there are many well-reputed special education options in the area as well as ESL and bilingual education options. There are an estimated total of almost a half a million students that are being instructed by 35,000 teachers at all of the local public and private options with the number growing each year.Long Island is home to the largest school districts in the state of NY outside of New York City.

Private, Charter, Parochial and Colleges

There are also a few trade and professional options as well as a few state universities and college campuses available in the area. The universities and college campuses include a few that are nationally ranked. The primary and secondary education options range from public, private, charter and parochial. A handful of the parochial districts aren’t co-ed such as Chaminade and St. Joseph’s. However, St. John’s is one of many parochial education options that are co-ed. There are also some Hebrew education options in the area including the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach. Some of the private education options are non-sectarian which means that students are able to learn in smaller classes with greater resources. One of such options provides parents with a great special education for their children thanks to a specialized curriculum. While the charter education options are publicly funded, they are not bound to the same rules and guidelines as the public education options are. They instead possess a greater accountability due to their creative teaching methods and educational reforms that set them apart from the other education options in the area. Riverhead is one of such places; while it doesn’t collect tuition, it does offer a private education experience for its students. It’s easy to see that the area is a great hub of higher education within the state of NY.


Most of the schools in Long Island are some of the most accountable in the state of NY. A majority of the districts are in good standing with only a few on local assistance plans. A few of the districts in good standing are reward schools and are high performing.

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