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walk to long island beachesBest Beaches on Long Island

Top 3 Beaches Recommended for Mini-Vacations

These beaches are often recommended for mini vacations because of their white sandy beaches, beautiful scenic walks, and the great ocean view. Here are the top three beaches in Long Island, NY that are often recommended for mini vacations.

Jones Beach

Jones Beach, a state park on the south shore, known for its soft white sand, has been a tourist’s favorite in Long Island, NY. When you go to this particular beach, you may see joggers running, fishers catching dinner, or surfers surfing the perfect waves. Whether you go with your family or alone, you can visit the theater or take a nature walk. If you are planning to go for a two-mile walk on the boardwalk, the closest place to park is parking lot #6. In addition to observing the many sounds including the calm waves on the beach, you can stroll along the boardwalk and see more scenery of Jones Beach.

Montauk Point State Park

Located on the South Shore, Montauk beach is the go-to beach for fishing, surfing, and gazing at the beautiful tides. That’s not all! You may be able to spot a seal in late winter, early spring while walking along the coastline. The scenery is a bit different from Jones Beach because the lighthouse and the Montauk Manor, a condominium hotel which can be seen right on the beach. If you want to see a spectacular view of the coastline from above, you can climb to the top of the lighthouse and view a big portion of this beach. The picture-perfect scenery located on the beach would look great on a postcard. In addition to its great atmosphere, Montauk has a golf course for the new and experienced golfers, and it has some great seafood restaurants.

Fire Island

Why do people recommend Fire Island you ask? It’s a great place to spend the day. Long Island beaches have a variety of restaurants and small shops to go to, and this one has bars as well. If you want to snap a picture of the lighthouse or view the beach from the top of it, it is well worth the visit. There are no cars on the beach so you have to walk or rent a bike to get around, but you enter on the beach by taking a ferry. This is one reason people like coming here. Unless you like to people watch, the best time to go is early mornings because you get to enjoy the sounds of the birds and the tidal waves, or walk along the boardwalk to see more of what Fire Island has to offer.


wine being made in long island, nyLong Island Wine Country

Wine Lovers and Long Island
Long Island tourism has a fast-growing, new avenue for visitors in their elite wine country regions. Wineries in Long Island have been an unintentionally kept secret since their establishment in the early 1970s. After over forty years of growth in production and output, these vineyards and wineries have gained a much deserved and hard-earned prestige among wine producers and connoisseurs. Respect among their winemaking brethren and a reputation for high quality have made LI wine on par with wine from Italy or France. Tourism has been quick to catch on and embrace the industry to encourage visitors seeking a unique alternative to traditional vacation activities. A tour, tasting, or class at a local vineyard or winery can be an interesting way to change up a vacation. For more serious wine lovers, and other interested parties, some, wineries, and vineyards offer more in-depth knowledge of their business and the secrets and intricacies of making wine and growing wine grapes. LI’s wine growing region welcomes the opportunity to introduce the novice and the expert alike to the wonders and nuances of creating Long Island wines.

Wine Grapes and Wine

The type of wine produced is widely varied. Each individual wine lover has a favorite wine, much as most people have favorite flavors or scents that attract them. Each winery produces numerous varietals of wine. Merlot and Chardonnay are the most popular wines created in LI wineries, but they are hardly the only varietals. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and many others are produced from the grapes harvested from over 3,000 acres of grapevines planted in vineyards. Long Island is an ideal place to grow wine grapes. The soil is infinitely fertile, full of rich mineral deposits and blessed with a climate conducive to growing grapevines. This is why dozens of wineries and vineyards exist on LI. North Fork has the highest concentration of wine producers on the island, but wineries and vineyards can also be found in South Fork, The Hamptons, and Suffolk County. In fact, North Fork wineries specialize in white wine production, with no less than fifteen vineyards growing grapes specifically for white wines.

Visiting a Winery or Vineyard

Long Island tourism in wine country is more than just an average guided tour that provides facts and history on a subject. Wine allows the opportunity for tangible experiences. Dozens of vineyards and wineries are open to the public. The majority of these wine producers occupies North Fork, but there are wineries elsewhere on the island. Averaging nearly one million visitors a year, wineries and vineyards are a popular tourist attraction for couples, groups, and special occasions. Many wineries open to the public welcome visitors during operating hours and will accept reservations for larger parties and bus tours hosted by tour companies, or private organizations and individuals. Some wineries and vineyards offer interactive wine experiences. Wine tastings are a common occurrence at most wineries, ranging from informal to a special wine tasting event. A few wineries hold wine tasting classes to teach wine lovers the finer points of wine appreciation. Other wineries offer wine classes to learn about different varietals, blends, and vintages of wine. Wine making is an exciting process to witness, and can be observed at numerous wineries throughout the region. A couple wineries will assist visitors in making their own barrel of wine from start to finish. A Wine Camp is another option for tourists at several wineries, making their entire vacation centered on wine. No visit to an LI winery is complete without the requisite bottle of wine to bring home.



Long Island Weather

weather patterns over long island nyLong Island, NY has a somewhat milder climate than other areas of the northeast.

In fact, eastern Long Island is on the fringe of a subtropical climate zone. However, the climate is not exactly “tropical” at all. It simply means that the climate is warmer than other areas of the northeast. In fact, there still can be significant snow in the winter. Sometimes, blizzards actually hit the island with full force during the winter season. Summers are also milder than many areas of the northeast. Summer temperatures average below 80 degrees during July in some parts of the island. The difference in climate between the island and the rest of the northeast is due to its proximity to the ocean. In the winter, the water is warmer than the air. This causes the air over the water to become heated. In the summer, the water is cooler than the air. In essence, the ocean acts as a natural heating and air conditioning system.

Eastern Long Island and the southern shores of the island tend to receive an exceptionally small amount of snow compared to the rest of the northeast. In fact, some parts of the island average only about 20 inches of snow per year. This can be contrasted with the average of around 60 inches for cities, such as Albany, NY that are located inland. For many residents of the northeast, less snowfall would be a very welcomed thing. In these areas that get very little snow, rain tends to fall instead.

Extreme weather events do sometimes occur on the island. In fact, it is not unheard of for blizzards to dump feet of snow. Also, there have been hurricanes on Long Island. Some of them have been powerful enough to cause some very serious damage. The island is much more vulnerable to hurricanes than most areas of the northeast. This is because the island juts east further into the Atlantic Ocean. This puts it in a path that is closer to the path of most hurricanes that travel this far northward.

The weather in the summer months is also quite a relief. This is particularly true in areas near the ocean and far from the city. In NY City, there is a lot of pavement. The pavement tends to heat up in the sun, warming the air above it. This can produce temperatures as much as 10 degrees higher than the surrounding area. At night, the heat is trapped by tall buildings. This keeps the air from cooling off that much at night. If you travel far enough east on the island, it is possible to escape the heated air around the city. Also, the ocean keeps temperatures quite cool. For instance, in Montauk, an average July day is a mere 78 degrees. This is far cooler than typical temperatures in the city. The summer here is also cooler than areas many miles north, such as southern Canada.


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