Pre-purchase House Inspection

pre-purchase-inspectionAs Mike Holmes from HGTV says a pre-purchase home inspection (sometimes called the Buyers Inspection is just smart

Buying a house is one of the single-biggest investments and decisions that individuals make; by increasing home buyers’ peace of mind, a pre-purchase inspection can be very beneficial in that choice. Finding an expert in your area who can offer a detailed, certified and professional examination is important before you move in because it could save you money, time and from frustrations in the long run.

A sound home inspection provides you with the necessary information to make an educated purchasing decision, allowing you to understand if there are any potential problems or discrepancies beforehand. That’s where we can help you; as a member of a good standing and trusted community like the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), we have the knowledge and experience to help guide your decisions.

A certified inspector will provide you with unbiased information about any major repairs or upgrades that might be necessary. As the old saying goes “Looking before you leap” is available and much more efficient if you’ve got a trained pair of eyes working for you. When you’re spending valuable resources for a personal property that will possibly be a home for many years for you and your family, We let you know you’ve made a sound decision because you will be guided by a qualified and reliable home inspector.

An inspection will typically look at the condition of the structure’s main components, including the roof, foundation, drainage, heating, cooling, plumbing, insulation, walls, doors and electrical system. These are typically areas that go unnoticed by homebuyers who are usually more interested in the room sizes, decor, and amenities. A trained eye can pick out what you might miss during the walk, though.

Digging deeper into the details such as the kind of valves used in the plumbing, the type of drywall, method of insulation and potential health/allergen problems; can make an enormous difference in the process and these slight details are matters known only by an expert. Given that the inspector is your advocate in the procedure, what he knows – you know, and their specialized knowledge becomes your power in determining which home to buy and how much to offer.

A home inspector’s completed report gives you an overview of the property’s condition, as observed at the time of inspection. Typically, it will show the state of every major system and component of the home, as well as areas or parts of a home that are unsafe, need to be repaired or replaced now, or may need servicing in the near future. A pre-inspection can also turn up evidence of past problems.

Armed with the inspection, you may opt to ask the seller to make certain repairs, accept a lower offer, or compensate for possible repair costs. Ultimately, you may choose not to buy the house.

A pre-inspection also then arms you with valuable information going into what may be the largest purchase of your life and choosing someone you can trust to objectively and independently provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the property is imperative. A professional who’s working in your best interests and offering guidance is an excellent way to help safeguard your investment.

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