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Best Long Island Home INCLUDES thermal imaging in all House Examinations!

Whether your home or building is in Nassau or Suffolk County, there is no better tool for moisture detection than a thermal imaging camera inspection to highlight areas of possible water damage that need a further review with our precise moisture meters.

Investigations of houses with thermal imaging cameras can also expose where construction have insulating or electrical system deficiencies, roof leaks, radiant floor home heating leakages, and structural situations. The thermal digital cameras display materials could have been ruined by water – and will need to be repaired. The state of the art equipment shows water damaged structure materials’ surface temperature is either warmer or cooler than their surrounding construction materials.

Our Thermographers are experts in infrared analysis. Our Certified home inspectors use thermal imaging cameras to provide immediate assessment of wet building materials after water damage. All investigations are confirmed with high-tech digital moisture meters to confirm the presence of flood damage in the interior materials in question.

What is Thermal Image Scanning?

Demonstration of Thermal Imaging for Home Inspection - Showing Hidden Leak behind wallsThermal imaging uses infrared technology to detect tiny differences in temperature. Every material has a unique thermal signature and when moisture, heat, cold, or wood destroying insects is introduced into the structure the thermal signature changes. The changes can be subtle or dramatic but with this incredible thermal image scanning technology the thermal signatures are detectable where they wouldn’t be able to be seen with the naked eye.
Thermal image scanning technology is now being used to evaluate residential and commercial architecture. As a non-invasive testing tool, it can quickly help discern where there are suspected issues. This can help to limit the areas where further time-consuming evaluation and destructive discovery is needed.

Thermal Imaging Uses

Uses for the advanced technology of infrared thermography during building and home surveys include areas such as:

  • Thermal heat loss in buildings
  • Moisture intrusion and condensation issues that can lead to mold
  • Leaks from plumbing pipes and fixtures
  • Concrete integrity inspections
  • Electrical evaluations for overloaded components and circuits that can be fire hazards
  • Hydronic floor heating evaluations
  • Roof inspections for water leaks
  • Missing or wet insulation in walls and ceiling structures
  • Ducting issues including missing insulation


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